Saturday, July 30, 2005

Which Is Better Excel or Access?

This age old question inevitably comes up for users of Excel. Whats the answer??? Well a good link is Daily Dose of Excel: "Wrench vs Screwdriver" and follow the through link to Microsoft for what I think is a very clear and useful explination of the differances and really gives you the answer you need.

In a nutshell, if your focus is calculation and detailed analysis then use Excel, if your focus is on management of relational data then Access. It may not be that simple some of the time but read the article and make up your own mind and experiment!


Google Maps In Excel

Google Maps In Excel: "Google Maps In Excel
Here's my first attempt at using google maps in excel (download below). Currently I can input an address and have a google map of the address displayed in Excel, with most of the cool google functionality."

A very cool tool from Mark at How ever you do need up to date hardware and software.


Do Often Need To Compare Excel Worksheets?

Comparing Excel Files Made Easy: "4TOPS just released the 4TOPS Compare Excel Files program. This software utility helps users find differences between worksheets or Microsoft� Excel files by creating clear reports in HTML. The broad use of Excel in virtually any business explains the need for such a specialized comparison program. As an example it is used for identifying changes in versions trading sheets before they are being sent out to trade partners. Another example is reviewing new versions of project plans which have been made in Excel."

I thougt this could be useful for some. Find out more here.


New Excel For School Students?

"In many households, homework is a big problem. Teachers often load up students with far more of it than I recall from my own prehistoric school career. And parents, squeezed for time by dual careers and rusty because of rapidly changing curricula, find it is hard to help.

Taking note of this daily homework battle, Microsoft has decided to help - or at least to see whether it can make some money by addressing the problem. The software colossus has just introduced Microsoft Student 2006, designed to make it easier for middle-school and high-school students to attack homework efficiently by gathering homework resources in one place on the computer." by Walter S. Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal.

Well there are mixed reviews on this new product from Microsoft. It cops a pasting in the article above and a positively lukewarm reception at

To me its seems like a thin veneer over existing programs such as Excel, Word etc. It dosen't make sense that you'd buy this program, if all the information was already easily availble on the net, mostly for free, or more than likely on already owned software on your home computer. So no its not a new Excel for School Students, its just some templates which might come in handy. Teach your kids to do it themselves I say!