Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Finding Spreadsheets With Google

From Research Buzz Finding Spreadsheets With Google: "remember that XLS isn't the only kind of spreadsheet; ever thought of searching for filetype:csv? Or ( filetype:csv | filetype:xls ) ? "
This article and the one at Automate Excel (click here) show some really cool search methods to dig up excel spradsheet and much more through clever use of search syntax on Google.


Save Time - Use Shortcuts

Andrew's Excel Tips: "Keyboard shorcuts save a lot of time. Here are some of the more common ones (they can also be used in a lot of other software other than Excel)

Push both keys at the same time -

Ctrl A Select All

Ctrl C Copy

Ctrl X Cut

Ctrl V Paste

Ctrl B Toggle Bold Font

Ctrl I Toggle Italic Font

Ctrl U Toggle Underline"

If your new to shortcuts, try these and see what a differance they make. Those in the know couldn't live wit out them.


Especially For Excel Info Junkies

Specious Argument: Daily Dose of Excel: "If you work with Microsoft Excel and you want to improve your skills, one blog I highly recommend you read is Daily Dose of Excel. Dick Kusleika along with his terrific authors provide a wealth of information and knowledge. "

A gem from Kevin at Specious Argument!


Programs For Serious Excel Masters

Specious Argument: Speaking of Microsoft Excel: "If you do serious Excel Spreadsheet work, this software package is an absolute must. Fast Excel also contains a superb program called The Name Manager."

These sound like excellent tools, check out the article here. Can't wait to try them out. I will psot when I have, and let you know how they went.


Need Some Cheat Sheets For Excel?

Rover of Windsor - ???: Our Favorite Cheat Sheets: "You never know when a good cheat sheet will come in handy -- bookmark this page to keep our treasure trove of useful information at your fingertips! "

Here is an excellent list of cheats sheets! One to bookmark.


A Mathematical Theory To Prove The Brits Waste Sunlight! � Blog Archive � Altitude of the Sun and Moon: "full astronomical twilight is never quite reached in the Summer months in the UK."

This is a really Lunatical use of Excel, and the theory explained proves that the Brits can't be utilising all the sunlight at their disposal if they are so lilly white and tanless. Maybe it always cloudy and raining? And all on an excel spreadsheet!