Monday, July 25, 2005

Excel To PDF for FREE!

Graphic Exchange News: "New version of activePDF free PDF creation software for Windows
Jul 22, 05 | 10:09 am
activePDF has announced the release of PrimoPDF 2.0, a free PDF creation tool for Windows only that creates PDFs from virtually any printable file type.
New features in PrimoPDF 2.0 include the ability to generate secure PDFs with 40-/128-bit encryption and the option to add document information (e.g. title, author, subject, keywords). PrimoPDF can convert files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular applications. To download PrimoPDF, visit"

I will be trying this one out for sure! Anyone else? Would appreciate any feedback.


Cheat Via Google For Spreadsheet Formats

Searching for Spreadsheets with Google: "Is there anything that Google can't do? This via, I found out that by using various syntaxes you can find spreadsheets, in all sorts of formats, with Google.
Here's how it works:
filetype:xls is the search string for finding any kind of Excel spreadsheet. For instance, you could type in planning filetype:xls and this is what you would come up with.
ResearchBuzz came up with a few more special ways to mix up the syntax, including this little gem: intitle:gantt filetype:xls site:edu.
Finding spreadsheets is not really my idea of a good time on the Web, but I'll contribute a search query: filetype:xls inurl:budget. My results are predictably full of budgety goodness. "

Well how about that! Why reinvent the wheel?


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